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How can I claim/edit a server's information?

If you're the owner of an Arma 3 server, after a simple verification in our system you can claim ownership of a server. This gives you the ability to edit a server's description, and add clan information including members, a link to your clan's website, and clan tag.

In order to claim an Arma 3 server, you must first navigate to the server's listing on our website. While on the server's listing page, select the "claim this server" link. After you're sure you have the necessary access to change the server's name, hit the "Claim" button.

Now, you'll be given a code that needs to be set as the server's name. This can be done easily by editing the server's server.cfg file. Restart the server after editing the name so the changes take effect.

Once the changes come into effect on your server, it'll take the website a few minutes to do the verification. In order for the changes to your Arma 3 server to take effect, we ask that the name be left for at least 10 minutes.

After all of this, you should see your name come up as the "Claimed by" user of the server, and you should also have your server listed at the "Your Servers" link on the menu (

How do I favorite/like/dislike an Arma 3 server?

In order to favorite, like, or dislike an Arma 3 server listed here, just navigate to that server's page and go to the "Vote on this Arma 3 Server" section. There, simply click the like, dislike, or favorite button and the changes will automatically be saved. Be sure to be logged in, as you'll need an account to do these actions.

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